Group Events

Kidz Bounce is ideal for parent groups, team events, field trips, non-profit fund raisers, and school graduation parties. They are all perfect functions to host at Kidz Bounce because of our large rooms and we can customize it to whatever your needs are to ensure a memorable event. These packages do not come with a party room or party host.
Play Groups Team Events Field Trips
    Price for 10 KIDS Price for 15 KIDS Price for 30 KIDS
1 hour 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
Mon – Fri Mon – Fri Mon – Fri
$150 $255 $375
*10-15 kids: $13 per child over 10 *15-30 kids: $13 per child over 15 *30-100 kids: $13 per child over 30
  • Private Use of Facility
  • Adults and Children Under 1 Free